Friday, January 8, 2010

Technology & LD--Paves the Road to Success in College

Students with learning disabilities must become proficient users of technology.  Word processing programs assist with spelling and grammar.  When a student reaches a spelling proficiency high enough so that the spelling checker can recognize what they are trying to spell and they can recognize the correctly spelled word, they can produce satisfactory written work.  In my experience, this occurs when students reach the 25%ile on standardized spelling tests.  The errors that remain are primarily homonym errors that often the grammar checker cannot catch. 

Text-to-voice software can assist them in proofreading.  Once their assignment is complete, the student has the software read it back to them.  This allows them to hear errors they do not catch when reading it themselves.  Free versions of software such as Natural Reader work great for this.

LD students must become experts with word processing and proofing using technology in order to succeed in college.

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